Meraaj International School Education is the key to success


Purpose Of Life

Meraaj International School It can turn bad ideas to good, it can obliterate awful practices and reconstruct good ones. The education & industry exposure provided in collaborative industry based education is vital for the students of modern era; this also helps industries to train future prospective employees from the pre-defined level and reducing the requirement of training in professional life.Here on earth We have all been likened to leaves upon one tree Flowers of one garden Waves upon one sea Brilliant shining stars Radiant candle rays of light Birds singing in the garden day and night. Make the nations one Let Religions all agree Be occupied with service To all humanity For nothing less than unity can satisfy our minds So tell the world about the oneness of mankind People are singing HavenĀ“t you heard A new day is dawing, we have brand new world.

There is nothing training cannot do. Noting is above its reach.

Muhammad Mansoor Alam

"Without Proper Knowledge Of Quran and Sunnah,No One Can Follow ISLAM"



Hifdh 2000 1000
Nursery 1000 400
L.K.G 1000 400
U.K.G 1000 400
Ist 1000 400
IInd 1000 400
IIIrd 1000 400
IVth 1000 400
Vth 1000 500
VIth 1000 500
VIIth 1000 500
VIIth 1000 500
IXth 1000 500
Xth 1000 500
1000 500